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40 Days to Be Still and Know God More

Loading the player Tags: God's Love , Prayer , Rest ,. Join the Conversation Learn How to Comment. Subscribe to Daily Devotions Get Proverbs 31 inspiration in your mailbox daily! Study Products. Our Fall Sale is here! Products designed to help you focus on God in the busyness of it all. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and calm your heart. Be still and know that He is the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God. Brought me to my knees, I needed to be reminded, all of us need that reminder.

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Sunday: a. Ron Moore's Daily Devotion.

When your schedule is insane… Be still and know that I am God. I pray that I will be able to let go of all the anxieties and fears and be with God. To trust him always. May God bless you. Hi Maria, Thanks for sharing your dream. What a blessing to see your son. Perhaps it was just that, or perhaps God will reveal something as time goes on. Just be attentive. As I was reading all of the comments, my mind was racing all day fearing the storm that was headed my direction, n also my heart was extra heavy w grief as I had a dream of my beloved son who pass away 1 yr n 3 months ago.

I kid u not it was so real. Maybe God will reveal the meaning at another time n dream. R that God just wanted me to see my son, and I thank u Lord for that. And by reading this n the meaning of be still has given me peace n I am not afraid anymore my heart has calm down as well as the storm. Thank u Jesus. Hi Sandra, Thank you for reading and for sharing here in your comment.

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I can attest first-hand that God speaks to us with sometimes only one word. One such word God gave to me in prayer.

The word was — wait. That was it. No wait on what, wait for an answer, wait for something in particular. It was just wait. That was in The wait was that I needed to take care of my mother before she died. During those three years I just waited. The two words you mentioned, Be still, are some of the most powerful two words that we can use throughout the day whenever we are anxious or moving too fast. Those words speak to our minds and to our hearts. I am glad that you are able to hear, Sandra. Keep listening. Hi Jackie I have felt overwhelmed for a long time but through yourself and others, The Lord is helping me to Be Still.

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  • I often find it difficult to find the words I need to express myself but while I was pondering on one of your past Enzines, He showed me that in fact, often it is only a few words that is best to convey a truth. The power and strength of the word is in the greater concentration and the few words are more potent. Thank you for ministry. God bless. Thank you for the kind comment. Peace and blessings, Jackie. Hi Mosese, Thank you for posting here and for blessing me in return. Hi Terry, Thank you for commenting. May God bless you in your ministry to inmates. Hi Tony, I believe it was the Sea of Galilee.

    Well, I doubt that the sea remained calm ever since. This was an instance where Jesus silenced the storm. While I study a lot, I am not a scholar on the Bible. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Hi Michelle, Thank you for commenting. God bless you and thank you! Thank you for this post. And if the sea have remained calm ever since? I just lost my mother on Sunday. So, I can testify of the importance of meditation.

    Emphasis on the.. Thanks for the thought on meditation importance explained :. Hi Samantha, Thank you for sharing. It is truly one of the most beautiful and simple Bible verses. I heard this saying through a friend of friend and although I am uneducated about the Bible and God there was something special about this passage that I held on to for the past couple of months.

    Now I have never felt more reassured, safe in myself and those around me and love this special message and hope to learn more about this in time. I am that, I am that. You are not a body, you are not a mind, you are not intellect. You are soul, you are GOD. Ahm brhmasmi.

    Be Still - Hillsong Worship

    Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for the comment. Letting go and letting God can be a moment by moment process! I know it can be for me. Yes, our part is to trust. You might find it helpful. God, please help me to get out of my own way. I am glad I found this this morning! I have been struggling to push down my worries,concerns and anxiety due to lack of finances. I have a great cure and I using it daily. Use liberally as much as needed The bible,prayers and Christian music is my medicine and meditation.

    Letting go and letting God. I surrender! I have done my part and asked God to do the rest. Hi Angie, Thanks for reading and for commenting. Well, I can only answer with how I would interpret that.

    Daily Devotional | Joni & Friends

    I had not heard this quoted as being the highest form of praise. When we are still, we are able to give our complete attention to someone. So, we show our respect and admiration to God with our attention. We share our love being present with one another. God is God, the Creator of all things. So, I can see why this can be called the highest form of praise. Hope that answered your question. Hi Susan, Thank you for reading and for sharing. When I first started blogging on meditation, I kept typing medication by mistake. I always say that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God.

    May the medication help you and the meditation continue to feed you.

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    Hi Masha, Thanks for commenting. Dreams are very powerful. Hi John, I totally relate on calming the mind. It is a must. I was on a meditation retreat doing just that at Timber Creek Retreat House when your post came. Peace to you.