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It was to make a point. It was to tell America that' We will not be terrorized by you anymore. Word in Definition. Princeton's WordNet 5. Wiktionary 2. Webster Dictionary 0. How to pronounce bloodthirsty? Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian.


Veena Indian. How to say bloodthirsty in sign language? Numerology Chaldean Numerology The numerical value of bloodthirsty in Chaldean Numerology is: 7 Pythagorean Numerology The numerical value of bloodthirsty in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5. Comment by XardasOficial It's not the same model as the store's Armored Bloodwing as it lacks the armor. But it's the exact same model as Witherbark Direwing from the Arathi warfront which is really easy to get, so I doesn't make any sense as horde to stack medals.

It's has also similar texture but it's slightly more red.


Comment by adam The real question for this mount is, does purchasing this give you the alliance service medal mount as well? The medal Krolusks are both unlocked if you buy either one. Will find out in a few weeks I suppose! Update for 8. Best part is you get a refund for one of the mounts if you bought both! My Alliance alt suddenly had almost medals after the patch and when I finally noticed I cashed them in reselling pets. Comment by Valkyl Purchasing this mount does not grant the alliance equivalent mount Priestess' Moonsaber Update patch 8.

Comment by dasage I bought the Priestess' Moonsaber this morning, and did not get the Bloodthirsty Dreadwing on my Horde alt. Probably the biggest disappointment in an ever-growing list of BFA letdowns Update: this was "hotfixed" recently and purchasing one mount will now award the other. Comment by Lostelf If you faction change a character after getting this or the Moonsaber, will it give the opposite faction that mount?

I have an Alliance alt I'm wanting to move to Horde. I'm going to farm out the Moonsaber on them before switching, but I'd like to know if it'll give me the dreadwing once they switch. One day on the subway he sees girls giggling over a book, a book about vampires. Finbar has an epiphany. He's pasty, nerdy, old-fashioned, and even allergic to the sun. What better way to attract girls than to pretend to be a vampire? Review: This book is so highly recommended, it's not even funny. Except it is funny, the book is hilarious. Every other sentence I was laughing out loud. The main character is a sharp-witted nerd, but he never lets his wit show until he decides to become a vampire.

Though the book feels YA, most of the humor is aimed toward adult readers, and always hits its mark. But I don't like comedy in my books, I said. In general I don't. I mean, everyone needs a little comic relief, but I don't want that to be the main subject of the book. And really, this book isn't about being funny. It's a classic coming-of-age story about the unusual way this geeky boy learns he doesn't have to care what other people think. I absolutely fell in love with Finbar Frame.

I think I lived his life, except I never had that epiphany on the subway.

Bloodthirsty Man: Trapped Bride

I've ranted before about all of the books making fun of other books, especially in my genre Nightlight, for example, by The Harvard Lampoon. I know they're all in good fun, but no matter what they end up feeling so irreverent to me. But this book isn't making fun of the works themselves. In fact there isn't a famous vampire story that Finbar doesn't mention at one point or another as having read it. Meaney is mocking the reaction to the work, i.

I can't say I'm immune to this. I've been to all the premieres. So it was that much more hilarious for me. Okay, so Meaney does kind of mock on the vampire Harlequin genre pretty hardcore. And beyond the comedy, Bloodthirsty has a good deal of poignant moments as well. The relationship between Finbar and his fraternal twin, Luke, is a particularly nice source of touching moments.

And then there are the multiple romances going on which are very high school and very But, as with most of its genre, Bloodthirsty is just fluff. A quick read to settle on the couch with on a rainy afternoon, But if this is it's only downside, I consider that a win. It's a lot like the teenage virgin its written about: sweet, funny, and finished quickly. Pick this one up when you need a good laugh and some warm relationships. Nevermind a great ending.

Nov 01, Lauren rated it it was amazing. Bloodthirsty is unlike any book I've ever read. It's plot is pretty unique: A awkward teenage boy pretends to be a vampire in order to get girls. I mean, I was intrigued just when I saw the first cover, which I personally liked better. This book lives up to the hype. And I will definitely be reading more of Flynn Meaney! Bloodthirsty revolves around Finbar Frame, a shy, pale, average guy who is allergic to the sun.

In one scene when he goes to the beach, he breaks out in hives. He liv Bloodthirsty is unlike any book I've ever read.

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He lives in a world that glamorizes vampires and other supernatural beings, aka our world. He lives in Manhattan with his popular brother, Luke, and his parents.

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  6. He is going to public school for the first time, coming from a Mid- Western Catholic school, where he was the school punching bag. But he wants that to change. So on the train one day, while on the train, Finbar gets nervous when a pretty girl sits down next to him. They she starts talking about this book she's reading, Nocturnal Terror, and then tells Finbar, "I know what you are.

    Finbar gets insulted and yells at her because the cover of her book depicts vampires as old, murderous, lunatics and he then he tries to storm off the train, but it isn't his stop. He then overhears three girls talking about how much they loooove vampires. And they're all reading vampire books, with barely dressed women and creepy, pale men standing in the distance. One book sticks out to him, though. As Finbar is examining the cover for Bloodthirsty, he realizes that the pale, brooding, man with bad posture on the cover looks like him!

    And he thinks, if a girl like that would like a vampire, why doesn't he just become one? For the next three days, Finbar is vampire-crazed. He starts to not eat in the public, and gets his vampire stare down to perfection. When he goes to school, he meets Jenny, who is the first girl to fall for his act. The quote below is how this whole mess starts. I instantly liked this book because I fall for the awkward boy.


    Like the Michael Cera type guys. And that's who I pictures, Michael Cera walking around Manhattan with girls trailing behind him asking if he's really a vampire. The characters in Bloodthirsty were hilarious, each in their own way. For instance, Luke and Finbar's mom, who is a germaphobe, thinks that Finbar is smoking pot when he starts to become a vampire. Luke is the popular jock who is making his own supernatural changes.

    Kate, who is Finbar's friend who doesn't believe his facade, is a Shakespeare loving, secretive girl who eats lunch with Finbar. Overall, Bloodthirsty is a book about growing up, and being yourself, which Finbar has a hard times understanding:D Jan 02, Aaron rated it it was amazing. Just about everyone would agree that vampires are one of the "in" things right now. Thanks to Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight books and films, blood-drinking fiends are whom everyone wants to be friends with At least, that is the conclusion that Finbar "Finn" Frame has come to.

    Finn is not what you would call, one of the cool guys. That is his twin brother Lucas, who is hot, the star football play, and all the girls want to date him and all the guys want to be him. Fi Just about everyone would agree that vampires are one of the "in" things right now.

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    Finn, on the other hand, is super-skinny and super-tall. His skin is about as pale as can be, and he breaks out in a rash when he gets too much sun. He is starting at the new local public school know that his family has moved to New York for his father's job, and that seems like the perfect opportunity to become someone else. With all the girls addicted to Bloodthirst , a best-selling, racy romance novel, Finn decides that the new him is going to be a vampire. He sets out to read all of the popular vampire books for research.

    He needs to do this undercover so no one notices and thinks that he like "that kind" of book, which leads to a quite humorous scene at the local public library. Of course, he can't just come out and say it so he drops little hints here and there for the kids to notice and start to wonder. At the same time, Finn also finds himself falling into a nice group of friends.

    This includes a tiny gal-pal, who helps him spread the word of his taste for blood as she develops her own crush. The latter is something that he doesn't really notice. He also meets and falls in love with a bookworm like himself. The real strength of this novel is in the witty humor. Meaney has masterfully captured what it means to be an older teen guy, whether it is their insecurities or their often obsession with certain aspects of the female anatomy.

    Through his eyes, readers really get a satirical look at teenage life and the intricate caste system that pops up in any high school. It kind of made me think this is what American Pie would have been if Joss Whedon had written it. On the surface, it would seem a silly novel where a guy unrealistically tricks girls into thinking he is a vampire, but really it is a great look into the mysterious world of teenage-hood.

    It definitely left me thirsty for more! Nov 08, Mishel Forte rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , favies. His twin brother, Luke, may not be the smartest guy in school but he pretty much excels at everything else. And to top off his popularity and sport skills he attracts all the girls.

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    Finn on the other hand gets walked all over. He spends most of his time avoided kids at school and watching chick flicks with his mom on the weekend. Add in the fact that being a vampire is a lot tougher than one would thinkā€¦ he may just be in WAY too over his head this year. Sure it was snarky and mildly funny but it came off a bit annoying as well. But as I got more into the book I really started to like Finbar and the mildly funny turned into laugh-out loud. First off, Finbar is just a hilarious name. Of course there was a pretty hilarious part where Finn goes on a tangent about how he got all the crappy genes and then got the crappy name when he was born.

    Finn grows and matures while still keeping his quirky attitude about life intact. The supporting characters had just the right amount of development. With vampires being the forefront in a lot of books and movies out right now, Bloodthirsty is a really fun and funny addition that I recommend to everyone. Bloodthirsty, or as I like to call it, that misogynistic book where every other sentence talks about boobs and subjugates all women into one of two categories: 1.

    Rabid fangirls or stalker housewives who are either suffering from bipolar disorder or extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder. So yeah, I'm just going to file this book under books-that-lower-your-iq. All Bloodthirsty, or as I like to call it, that misogynistic book where every other sentence talks about boobs and subjugates all women into one of two categories: 1. All of the misogyny that runs rampant in the book is supposed to be for comedic purposes, of course. The problem, however, is how unrelentingly unfunny the story is.

    I bought this book thinking that the back cover sounded intriguing. The idea of having a book that capitalizes on the insanity of the vampire craze sounded like something I would enjoy immensely. Unfortunately, all of that potential for laughs is squandered by amateur writing and the most unlikeable characters ever. And by the beard of Zeus, I cannot even fathom the amount of name-dropping that occurred in this book! Just for a second, imagine the most annoying thing you have ever encountered in your entire life and multiply that experience by a million and that is the pain and anguish you will feel when reading Bloodthirsty.

    I cannot even talk about this book any further without feeling an intense desire to throw this book into a fathomless abyss or tear it to shreds. Sep 19, Michelle Undeniably Book Nerdy rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , reviews-october I don't know how many times I laughed out loud when I was reading Bloodthirsty. It is definitely one of the funniest book I've read this year.

    The novel centered around Finbar, a tall, skinny guy that everyone at his old school liked to pick on. When his dad got a new job that had his whole family moving from Indiana to New York, Finbar saw it as a chance to start over. He noticed that the girls at his new school were gaga for vampires, so he decided to remake himself into an ultra-cool and confi I don't know how many times I laughed out loud when I was reading Bloodthirsty.

    He noticed that the girls at his new school were gaga for vampires, so he decided to remake himself into an ultra-cool and confident vampire chick magnet--which wasn't hard appearance-wise because he was unusually pale and allergic to the sun. However, he found that he needed to exude a "vampire attitude," which took some figuring out for a meek pushover like Finbar.

    Soon, through his new persona, Finbar found a new self-confidence to do things he'd never done before like speaking up in class, scaring off a bully and having girls all over him--some even thought he was a real vampire which caused some hilarious situations. But he also found that maybe being a pseudo-vampire wasn't all it's cracked up to be, especially after he found that the girl he truly liked might just like him for who he was, just plain old Finbar plus his new-found self-confidence and assertiveness but minus the whole vampire thing. I really enjoyed this book! Aside from it being totally hilarious, it's a really great story about finding your self.

    This story was told in first-person point of view through Finbar. He was a great character and very likable. I enjoyed reading his thoughts, though they do sometimes run towards There wasn't anything too explicit but I wouldn't recommend this book to middle grade readers. There were also references to underage drinking and drugs. The light romance between Finbar and Kate was cute and made me smile.

    His school friends, his ADHD football-playing jock twin brother he's a complete opposite of Finbar and his parents were great secondary characters and they added to the humor. Whether you're a vampire lover or diss-er, I think you will enjoy this book as there is something in this book for both sides. Pop-culture references about vampires abound which made all that much more fun to read, at least for me.

    If you're looking for a different take on vampires or a fast, humorous read, Bloodthirsty is your book. May 06, Nicole lost in the book's world rated it really liked it Shelves: four-good-great-stars , disappointed , vampire-but-not-real. I was little excited for this book because I haven't read vampire book for long time!

    First chapter about this boy with girl which girl asked him to turn her into vampire.