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Publishing offers career opportunities to people with a range of skills. Depending on their experience and qualifications, publishing staff may take responsibility for commissioning manuscripts for books, magazines or online content, editing, designing and preparing manuscripts for publication, or marketing the finished works.

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Publishing offers both full-time and freelance opportunities for roles such as copy editing, proofreading and design. Commissioning editors work closely with authors and other contributors, such as photographers or illustrators, to acquire manuscripts or visual content. They may work with regular contributors in addition to assessing proposals from new ones.

When they are commissioning a project, editors provide contributors with contracts that set out editorial requirements, schedules and payment terms.

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They review each contribution in broad terms to ensure it meets the requirements of the contract. Copy editors review contributions for factual accuracy and check spelling, grammar and punctuation, liaising with contributors to resolve any queries. They then prepare manuscripts for typesetting or digital production and check the final typeset manuscripts for accuracy. In larger publishing organizations, copy editors may work as part of a team using in-house or freelance proofreaders to carry out final manuscript checks.

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Graphic designers work as part of an editorial and production team. Designers provide printers or digital production companies with detailed production specifications and check proofs for quality.

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They also design book or magazine covers and prepare promotional material, such as leaflets or website pages in conjunction with the marketing team. Marketing professionals create advertising and direct marketing campaigns to promote books and magazines to retailers, schools and colleges. They work closely with authors to promote their work through events, such as book signings and media interviews.

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Magazines offer career opportunities to media sales professionals, selling space to advertisers. Editors held around , jobs in the U.

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Advanced search. Paper trail Academic editors love to read scientific papers. Hot competition Publishing is an extremely competitive area, and to get ahead many candidates look to extracurricular activities or internships.

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