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Creative Project Manager. Director Project Management Office. Global Program Manager. Infrastructure Project Manager. Manager, Project Management. Manager, Project Management Office. Marketing Program Manager. Senior Manager Of Marketing. Vice President Product Development. Help others decide if this is a good career for them Review Career.

Senior Project Manager 4. Creative Director 4. Executive Project Manager 3. Creative Services Manager 3. Project Manager 3. Client Services Project Manager 3. Creative Project Manager 3. Creative Manager 2. Localization Project Manager 2. Associate Project Manager 2. Creative Lead 2. Assistant Project Manager 2. Project Manager Graphic Designer Art Director 6.

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Traffic Manager 6. Production Manager 5. Marketing Manager 5. Production Coordinator 5.

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Internship 4. Account Executive 4. Marketing Coordinator 4. Production Assistant 4. Account Manager 3.

Top 50 Project Management Tools for Creative Teams

Traffic Coordinator 3. Customer Service Representative 3. Senior Project Manager 3. Senior Graphic Designer 3. Project Coordinator 2.

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Studio Manager 2. Office Manager 2. Senior Project Manager Creative Director 7. Graphic Designer 6. Director Of Project Management 5. Marketing Manager 4. Production Manager 4. Marketing Director 4.

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Consultant 3. Art Director 3. Freelance Project Manager 3.

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Marketing Coordinator 3. Director 2. Account Manager 2. Account Executive 2. Senior Designer 2. Owner 2. Creative Project Manager Demographics. Female Male Unknown 1. White Hispanic or Latino Black or African American Asian 7. Unknown 4. Spanish French Japanese 6. Arabic 6. Portuguese 3. It also enables you to forecast project accuracy better, as well as knowing which are the best resources—such as a quality creative project management software —for your team to use.

Be creative! Managing a group of creatives takes some creativity itself. For instance, with deadlines said to crush creativity , you could offer your team soft target dates to work towards as an alternative. Give them parameters to work with instead of enforcing cemented rules. Managing projects in the creative industry is a whole other ball game compared to working in technical fields of work. On top of the usual organization, diligence, adaptability, and relationship management required, creative project management needs a more inventive approach to ensure your team is efficient and on task, and are maximizing their creativity.

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