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Children who have been liberated from a Nazi concentration camp are left abandoned without food or water. We will be joined by writer, director and producer Frances-Anne Solomon, and lead actor Nickolai Salcedo for a Documentary following medical trials treating clinical depression with an extract from magic mushrooms.

A wild flower power ride in the footprints of the Soviet hippie movement. Martin Scorsese's epic saga of organized crime in postwar America, as told by a hit man, stars Robert Alec Guinness plays all members of an ancestral family who are murdered one by one by a distant The Star Wars and Godfather volumes are definitely going on my birthday list :D.

I am very lucky that I have a lot these available to me thanks to my uni library having so much of them.

I have definitely been inspired to get another one out. I think the last one I read was Cat People, a real delight. I always get excited by visiting the store of the BFI Southbank as they have these as well as others, even just browsing them is fun for me. I really like the challenge of the presentation thing, a large part of me is saying challenge accepted. Maybe I can make it relevant to my dissertation in some way that would give me a good motive.

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What are the ones at the top of your wish list out of interest? He's one of the talking heads in Fear in the Dark. He sometimes writes for Empire too, he is full of personality. I haven't looked at Video Watchdog actually, I will check it out thanks.

A little tip folks - bookoutlet. Some of them are available for Kindle and Nook. I wonder if the publishers have enabled the "read aloud" option on these? The first eight BFI books to be released on the Kindle e-reader platform have the "text to speech" feature enabled. Labels: bfi film classics , movie books , the overlook.

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