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Outlook makes it easy. Perfect for crafting a few timely responses before you hop on a plane or go into an afternoon of meetings.

Exam Prep Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016

This feature helps to make those long email threads a little easier to digest by showing all connected messages in one conversation view. While true anti-spam protection is best deployed by a trusted IT adviser, you can perform specific actions to block junk mail.

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Learn your keyboard shortcuts! This is more of a practice makes perfect strategy, but accumulated knowledge of keyboard shortcuts can start saving major time. Related Posts Changing Cybersecurity Rules in Ohio Could Affect Entire Nation As cybersecurity challenges continue to evolve, many government agencies have responded by passing laws to protect consumers and their information.

In the last Leaving an hour or two early on Friday quickly becomes a When someone asks the question "Where is File tab? A few might be using older versions of Outlook, but it has a File menu, so they would find the menu but not the … [Read more When you use Outlook or Outlook , you can configure Outlook to automatically insert signatures.

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If you have multiple email accounts in Outlook, Outlook inserts the signature assigned to the account. When you select a different account after opening the message, the signature changes with the account selection or you can right click on the signature area and select a … [Read more One of the first questions I usually ask when I'm trying to help someone solve a problem with Outlook is What type of email account do you have configured in Outlook? If you don't know the answer, you can look in Outlook's Account Settings. The account type is to the right of the account name.

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