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Nutritional analyses follow each recipe; it's encouraging to note that cooks need not cut out potatoes, pasta, legumes, rice or cheese to achieve dietetic acceptability. After an introduction to making stocks, the book moves on to recipes that incorporate beans, seafood and chicken, to assorted ethnic and seasonal soups, finishing with refreshing fruit combinations Honeydew and Lime Soup, for example.

These diet-friendly selections should be just the ticket for post-holiday calorie counters. Photos not seen by PW. Savory oatmeal is a great dish that will incorporate more veggies into your diet.

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Oatmeal is typically consumed as a sweet breakfast food, often combined with fresh fruit, raisins or cinnamon. This recipe for savory oatmeal includes onions, mushrooms, collard greens and tomatoes, all of which provide a healthy combination of nutrients, including vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium 6 , 8 , 11 , Using lettuce as a wrap or certain veggies as buns in place of tortillas and bread is an easy way to eat more veggies.

Lettuce wraps can be a part of several types of dishes, and are often used to make low-carb sandwiches and bunless burgers. Additionally, many types of veggies, such as portobello mushroom caps, sliced sweet potatoes and sliced eggplant make excellent buns.

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Lettuce wraps and veggie buns are an easy way to reduce your calorie intake , as one lettuce leaf contains only one calorie. Refined bread is much higher in calories 13 , Furthermore, replacing flour-based products with veggies is a great way to reduce your carb intake, while consuming lots of nutrients. To make them, place chopped vegetables of your choice on a skewer and cook on a grill or barbecue. Bell peppers, onions and tomatoes work well for kebabs.

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You can also use mushrooms and zucchini, such as in this recipe. A burger is a sandwich consisting of a ground meat patty, typically made of beef, that is then placed inside of a bun with various toppings. Burger patties can also be made by combining vegetables with eggs, nuts or nut flours and seasonings. Sweet potatoes, which are an excellent source of vitamin A and antioxidants, are also commonly used to make veggie burgers The following recipes combine sweet potatoes with almond flour, egg and a variety of spices and chopped veggies, such as mushrooms and cauliflower:.

You can take these recipes a step further by wrapping your veggie burger in a lettuce wrap, instead of a bun. In general, tuna salad is made by blending tuna with mayonnaise , but any type of chopped vegetable can be added to increase the flavor and nutrient content. Onions, carrots, cucumber and spinach are common additions, such as in this recipe.

How to Use Fruits and Vegetables to Help Manage Your Weight

Stuffed bell peppers are an excellent dish to include in your diet if you want to increase your veggie intake. They are made by stuffing halved bell peppers with cooked meat, beans, rice and seasonings, and then baking them in the oven. Bell peppers are a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A and C 9. You can increase the nutrition content of stuffed bell peppers by including lots of extra veggies. Onions, spinach or cauliflower work well, such as in this recipe. It is fairly easy to add veggies to guacamole, and makes for a unique way to increase your veggie intake.

Guacamole is an avocado-based dip made by mashing ripe avocados and sea salt together with lemon or lime juice, garlic and additional seasonings. A variety of vegetables taste great when incorporated into guacamole. Bell peppers, tomatoes and onions are good options.

This recipe for veggie guacamole includes onion, carrots, zucchini and yellow squash, which provide a combination of fiber, vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin C and manganese 2 , 8 , You can also make guacamole with roasted vegetables, such as in this recipe.

Meatloaf is a dish made with a combination of ground meat and other ingredients, such as eggs, breadcrumbs and tomato sauce. It is then molded into the shape of a loaf, which is where it gets its name. You can add just about any type of chopped vegetable to meatloaf, including onions, bell peppers, carrots and zucchini, such as in this recipe.

Additionally, you can make "meatloaf" that is completely veggie-based, like this one, which includes chickpeas, carrots, onions and celery.

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It is made by pulsing cauliflower florets in a food processor into small granules. You can then use it raw or cooked as a substitute for regular rice. Cauliflower rice is significantly lower in carbs than regular rice, with only 5 grams of carbs per cup, compared to 45 grams in a cup grams of rice 3 , Additionally, cauliflower is significantly higher in nutrients than rice. Yes, you should eat a lot of raw foods, because many nutrients are destroyed by cooking.

But some nutrients are actually more absorbable after cooking, especially if you don't throw away the cooking water. So if you're going to cook anything at all, you better be making a healthy low fat vegetable soup! Vegetable soups are low in calories, high in fibre and high in nutrients!

If you're trying to lose weight and can't be satisfied just eating salads and fruit, then I encourage you to include some healthy vegetable soups in your diet.

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Most people buy their soups from a restaurant or the grocery store, and this is not the solution. But are organic soups any better? Let's take a look at one of the most popular "organic" soups, "Amy's. If you want to eat get healthy eating more vegetables, and if you want your family to eat them, you need to make them taste good, but still be HEALTHY. I'm talking about soups that are made with whole food ingredients only, and don't contain any added oils, cream or processed fillers. As a low-fat vegan chef, one of my favorite things to make is vegetable soups.

It's really nice to have a comforting home cooked meal at your fingertips. Over the past winter, I've created a unique recipe book containing my top favorite vegan soups And since I'm not of the opinion that "more is better," I've only kept in this collection my favorite recipes, the ones that you'll end up making over and over again! No more humming and hawing over a recipe to decide if it's worth making or not! Let your eyes decide for you! Here are some of the benefits of making your own soups from the recipes in this eBook.

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You can make most soups with simple ingredients that are easy to find in your local grocery store, health food store, or farmer's market. A batch of homemade soup costs a fraction of the price of the same soup bought at a restaurant… and is infinitely healthier too! Even when compared to the price of organic or vegetarian canned soups, my recipes are much cheaper to make, especially if you buy things like onions, carrots and celery in bulk.

Make a big batch of vegetable soup at least once a week on a night off or on the weekend. You'll save leftovers for other meals, or can freeze the rest for later! Overall, you'll spend very little time cooking these new recipes and enjoy many, delicious meals.

If you're looking for something to take to work or want a light dinner, just reheat one of these soups and you have a delicious low fat vegan meal at your fingertips. It's easy to lose weight while eating vegetable soups.

Fuhrman, M.