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When it comes to being in the best shape possible for sport, we all have to do our running drills, whether it be sprint drills, a middle distance run, or a long run. What many people like to do, is a run a mile and aim to get their personal best times. One of the great ways to get your running drills in, is to run around you soccer field, but how many laps around a soccer field is a mile?

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Well, that can vary from soccer field to soccer field with most soccer fields ranging from yards in length, and 60 to 80 yards in width. So, if you are still wondering how many laps around a soccer field is a mile?

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For example, if you are going to run around a soccer field which is on the smallest end of the scale, with a yard length and 60 yard width, then you are going to need to do 5. And no cutting corners … you know who you are. To work out the distance around your soccer field, you simply multiply the length by 2, then multiply the width by 2, and then add them together. Or do you think they just see what results certain powers of kicks get in practice and then apply that practice during games.

Good question.

I believe that the players don't actually use math to determine the distance not how hard to kick the ball while playing soccer but they do determine the distance between the person they want to kick it at. But also I think they will use what they learn during practice in how far to kick a ball.

I knew that math was involved with sports and their players but never really thought about the math put into the design of the field. Makes you wonder if at one point some boxes were bigger and designed differently but changed to balance the game. Great post! I really enjoyed how you talked about math is used in soccer. As a soccer player, I have to think about all of this stuff, such as the angle to shoot or pass the ball. I sometimes have trouble, because you have to think so quickly but I still think it's very helpful.

I think that we really have to think about how hard or what angle we need to kick the ball, and math is really used a lot in this sport. I like this post because math could be used in a lot of ways during soccer but many people do not always have the time to think about it. Corner kicks is a good example for the curve of the ball.

If you curve the ball in a certain way you can make a goal or put it in the position to have a goal scored. As everyone else has stated, is math really considered when playing the game? I don't think players take math in perspective when playing because everything happens so quickly, although there is obviously math in soccer.

I think that players subconsciously and on instinct factor in math into the game. For example, their brain uses muscle memory but it also uses knowledge of math concepts to determine what is going to happen right as it is happening. For example, when I play I subconsciously think about how different angles that I approach the ball at affect what I want to happen and I believe it is not just me that does this.

There are many factors that come into play once you kick the ball and the brain uses math to compensates for this. If there is a breeze or if you are at a awkward angle facing the goal you brain reacts in a different way to compensate for this.

Therefore it is also math and not just memory because every situation is different and you are still able to react with similar results. I think, like everyone else has said, that soccer players don't exactly calculate a math problem in their head while they are on the field playing. It does take thinking to determine how far you want the ball to go and the power you have to put behind it and I think that's what you were trying to say, good job! I like how you incorporated sports into math.

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It is true that a specific angle is required to make a goal. It is also true that the velocity of the ball has to be a specific speed to make it into the goal.

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Do you think that soccer players with better math skill have the ability to score more points than other team members since they can calculate the angle and speed more accurately. This is a really interesting topic.

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I have never played soccer before but I can only imagine hiw much math is involved. I know that you have o think the distance you have to kick or throw the ball. Soccer does use angles and distance, but most likely the velocity of the ball and how much strength the players need to put in to the kick.

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I imagine this to be more tricker than what it seems to be since the players have to race against time and make sure other players don't steal the ball, as well as predicting if the goalie can't catch their ball at certain measurements. It is funny that you use math during sports.

Most T. They have to calculate how far the ball will go after it is kicked or, in swimming, what angle you have to dive in to have a good start. May April March RSS Feed. Math with Burke. Soccer a great game full of skills, but you might be thinking how does soccer relate to math. In soccer and every other sport uses math. Like for example, we can see how geometry plays a big role in soccer because it involves shapes, measurements and area.

Symmetry plays an important role so each half must have identical measurement. The soccer field also involves others shapes like circles, corner area, halfway line, or the goal area. If we think about the soccer ball we can see how the ball have shapes in it also. It has hexagons and pentagons shapes.