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    Opinion: "The Breaking Bread"

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    The Eucharist - God's Food for Eternal Life (Part 1 Old Testament)

    Refine By. Publication Date July pre-release. June release this month. Last 3 months. Last 12 months. Older than 12 months. Last 7 days. Last 14 days. On-hand, Local, International. Usually ships weeks — This is an indent title internationally sourced to order from a local supplier. Add to Basket Add to Wishlist. Usually ships working days — This title is available at publisher. Both the example set by our revered saints and the super-thin photos of the celebrities that crowd our media create a very problematic scenario for the eating disorder patient.

    Though horrible for those who fight eating disorders, fasting from food is regularly presented to society in an almost ideological light.

    The Theology of Food : Eating and the Eucharist

    For parishioners who do not fight to take the bread of Christ, do not struggle with a family dinner, or who are not overcome with guilt as they bite into a chocolate bar, the anorexic life is somewhat attractive. While the anorexic is hiding her inner turmoil and overwhelming guilt, she is at the same time being praised for the outer appearance of the disorder, which takes form as religious devotion or a small waistline. An extreme case of anorexia nervosa. We place so much value on the physical substance that we do not relate the communal meaning to those who are unable to identify with the signs of the sacrament.

    We do it by focusing on the true meaning of the Eucharist as a thanksgiving, while striving as ministers, fellow Christians, and friends to understand the theological, social, and psychological underpinnings of the Christian anorexic.

    From Sacrifice to the Slaughterhouse

    We must understand that anorexics does not desire their illness, but it, like any other addiction disease, it is beyond their control. In the more advanced cases of anorexia, extreme identification with the physical body to convey spiritual feelings, thoughts, and emotions becomes increasingly dangerous.

    Losing perspective as their bodies and minds starve, they push the limits until the pain finally ends. This excerpt comes from a letter found by a father after the death of his daughter.

    The Theology of Food: Eating and the Eucharist

    Do we need bread and wine at all? Without community, without communion, without a relationship with Christ, we are left alone and with few choices. Holy Anorexia. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia. New York: Warner Books. The ritual of Communion, along with fellowship meals, serves as a major isolation point for those who battle eating disorders within our communities Cattle were considered among the clean foods for ancient Israelites Food has been a point of obsession in the religious traditions of the Judeo-Christian world since early in Jewish history, recorded through writings of the Torah, and that obsession has carried over to the present.